Where’s My Smile?

I didn’t realize that my expression was so serious until after the photo shoot was over.  That being said, I really do have so much to be grateful for and happy about.  Maybe it’s the residue of what I went through while working on this project.  Life lessons comes in all kinds of ways. I … Continue reading "Where’s My Smile?"

Designing And Sewing For Myself Is Fun!

The “FREE 2B ME” journey continues. First it was just handbags and jewelry… Now I’m expanding to custom clothing. Starting with me. If I keep waiting for the perfect conditions before making my next move, I will find myself standing still and making very little progress, if any. (I have to get Photoshop. My legs … Continue reading "Designing And Sewing For Myself Is Fun!"

Hello World!

  It’s me, Lorraine Blalock Chavies. I’m a native Philly girl who grew up on the North and West sides.  I’m a wife, mom, grandmother, sister, cousin and aunt.  I’ve traveled a little and passionate about using my hands to fix and create things.  I’m very inspired by folks with an entrepreneurial spirit (youth and adults) … Continue reading "Hello World!"